Wooden terraces offer all the necessary comfort

Wooden terraces offer all the necessary comfort

What floor coverings is the most suitable choice for the terrace, balcony or seating area you want to arrange in your garden?  For this purpose, very different outdoor floor coverings equally merit consideration, but most people will definitely choose wooden terraces because of their beautiful appearance and because they offer all the necessary comfort for spending their leisure time and enjoying in the outdoors. If you have already thought of panelling your terrace, balcony or the garden corner with wood, then in addition to the traditional wood flooring, you might also take into consideration the so-called wood plastic composite   flooring (WPC), which is much more resilient to external factors affecting than wood. In addition, WPC floorings are much easier to maintain than wood and also have many other advantages that make them an ideal choice for terraces. Read More

How to choose the right flooring

If you are in the process of renovating a house or creating a brand new apartment or house, you may have many questions about choosing the right flooring. After all, it is an important decision as it affects the final appearance of the room and its comfort. What materials are most durable for child’s play? Which lining is best suited for the living room and creates a pleasant atmosphere and aesthetic appearance? Can the flooring be additionally soundproofed? The offer on the market is extensive, so we have compiled some essential tips to help you create your dream home! Be aware that the cheapest alternative is not always the best as it requires early renewal or even replacement. We suggest that you consult our experts about your wishes and visions, who will recommend only the highest quality products for your exceptional home. At Alpod, we swear by technologically advanced flooring, which is why we entrust it, from design to execution, to our experienced craftsmen who will design the perfect flooring for your dream home. Read More

How Laminate Flooring Has Become a Floor Favorite!

How Laminate Flooring Has Become a Floor Favorite

Do you ever look through photos of gorgeous hardwood floors online and wish you could have that in your house? Is your budget screaming no to walnut floors in the living room while your heart is screaming yes? What if we told you you could get that look without having to sell off a kidney?

Laminate flooring has become a popular option in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Laminate lets you get the look of the gorgeous hardwood floors you love for half the price. Read on to learn more about this flooring option and why people love it so much. Read More

Vinyl Flooring 101: What Is Vinyl Flooring and Should You Get It?

What Is Vinyl Flooring

You’ve worked for years to turn your house into a home.

You remember the joy of picking out your bedroom’s paint colour, choosing envy-inducing furniture, and even installing a beautiful chandelier to give your dining room a special focal point. 

But even though you take great care of your home, things don’t look quite as fabulous as they did when you first moved in. You know that your home needs a bit of an upgrade, and you want to start by transforming your floors. 

You’ve read a lot about the different options available to you and have one major question:

What is vinyl flooring, and why has it become so popular in the past few years? Read More