Parquet floors for durability, reliability and beauty

Parquet wood floorsParquet floors are an amazing acquisition for your home, which you won’t regret, of that we are sure! Parquet wood floors namely offer comfort, which is unparalleled when it comes to your flooring options, furthermore, the wood parquet flooring offers more durability and reliability than other types of flooring, no matter which parquet hardwood floors you choose. In the continuation, we’ll explain some questions, like: what are parquet floors, how to style light or dark parquet floors and how to choose the appropriate parquet floors for your home.

What are parquet wood floors?

Parquet wood floors are pieces of wood or planks, which are glued or floated to the surface. Parquet floors are made from real wood, which offers comfort and regulates temperature. That means, that your parquet wood floors will feel warm underfoot in winter and cool in summer.

The professionals will expertly install your parquet floors and can also offer you advice and parquet flooring ideas for different laying options to create a beautiful and eye-catching design.

What are dark parquet floors

How to choose the appropriate parquet floors?

At Floor Experts you can choose among a variety of different parquet wood floors. We offer light, medium and dark parquet floors as well as some unique colours. Our parquet floors are made from different wood species, for example bamboo, beech, cherry, ebony, jatoba, maple, oak, pine, walnut, ash, larch, spruce, teak and others. Which parquet floors you choose, depends foremost on your preferences.

Light parquet wood floors definitely brighten up your home and are appropriate for rooms, where you would like to create an optic illusion of bigger space. Light parquet floors can offer an unobtrusive background for several styles: they go well with minimalistic, Scandinavian style can pastel colours, but they also represent a beautiful canvas for more colourful ideas. Dark parquet floors are more appropriate for bigger rooms and when we want to create an interesting contrast with lighter colours; darker parquet floors also correspond to rustic décor.

If you need more information or ideas about different wood species, laying options or colours of parquet floors, you can always contact professionals at Floor Experts – but rest assured, that whichever parquet wood floors, offered at Floor Experts, you’ll choose quality, beauty and reliability!

Parquet flooring installation – should you do it yourself?

Parquet flooring installation costParquet flooring installation follows the purchase, that much is obvious. But how the parquet flooring is installed is another question. Some people are very skilled, when it comes to home repairs, but there are some among us, which rely on the expertise of others, when it comes to installing parquet flooring and similar tasks – and this is absolutely right. We can’t all be masters of every craft and if you’re asking yourself how to install parquet wood flooring, it might be best to leave the process of parquet flooring installation to professionals. Next we will explain how to install parquet wood flooring properly, parquet flooring installation costs and will answer some other questions you might have.

The benefit of professional parquet flooring installation

We can guarantee that, regarding your home interior, the wood parquet flooring will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It’s durable, it’s sturdy and it will never go out of fashion. Different types of parquet floorings have been around for decades and there is no reason that this should change. However, how to install parquet wood flooring is another question. The complexity of parquet flooring installation is definitely not a reason for choosing other flooring, if parquet is what you want, and it is difficult only for the layman. There are professionals who have a lot of experiences and skills with installing parquet flooring and they will make sure, that your flooring is durable, perfectly levelled, comfortable and everlasting!

How to install parquet wood flooring in a nutshell

How to install parquet wood flooringAs we have mentioned before, parquet flooring installation demands a lot of skills. In case you don’t believe us, we’ll briefly explain how to install parquet wood flooring.

  • Preparation includes inspection of the subfloor, cleaning, levelling the surface, drying, making sure the ventilation is appropriate.
  • Planning: before the professionals begin with the parquet flooring installation, they need to make a plan, agree with you on the laying pattern, measure the surface and the middle of the wall and consider other possible factors.
  • Applying adhesive and installing parquet flooring: there’s not much room for mistakes here. We need to use the appropriate adhesive and carefully begin the parquet flooring installation with a clear end result in mind, add just enough pressure and finish the process without making mistakes.

Parquet flooring installation costs shouldn’t be seen as an unnecessary financial outflow, but rather as an investment in the stability and longevity of your parquet flooring.

How to lay parquet flooring and other related questions

How to lay parquet flooring is just one of the questions, people raise when deciding for parquet floors. The following article explores some parquet flooring ideas and focuses on how to lay parquet flooring/parquet flooring installation, where to buy parquet flooring and how to treat parquet flooring. Let’s start!

How to lay wood parquet flooring

The process of parquet flooring installation

Parquet flooring installation is best left to the professionals. Even though some people are very handy when it comes to works around the house, the answer to question how to lay parquet flooring is a bit more tricky than, for example, laying laminate. That fact, however, is not an argument against the high quality and reliability of buying parquet flooring, it just means that it’s best to hire an expert, who knows how to lay parquet flooring.

Nevertheless, we will explain the process of how to lay parquet flooring.
The parquet flooring installation includes these steps:

  • preparing the subfloor (cleaning it, levelling the subfloor, tightening loose areas),
  • aligning the floor ,
  • planning the parquet flooring installation and marking the centre of each wall,
  • applying adhesive,
  • laying the parquet panels,
  • repeating the process, until we reach the last row, which usually needs to be measured and cut/sawn,

If you want to know more about how to lay parquet flooring, you can always contact our experts.

Buy parquet flooring installation

Where to buy parquet, how to treat it and some additional ideas

The question of how to lay parquet flooring also includes some parquet flooring ideas. You can choose several patterns: single herringbone, double herringbone, square or diagonal herringbone, diagonal basket, square basket, brick pattern and some more exotic patterns .

When buying the flooring, we shouldn’t just ask the question of how to lay parquet flooring – how to treat parquet flooring is also important. Your choice can really be everlasting, if you repair it, when you see the visible signs of wear. You can replace some damaged planks or just re-sand the whole surface and apply new finish.

Another guarantee for the durability of your new flooring is thinking about where to buy parquet flooring. At Floor Experts we only offer superb quality, which is in combination with truly vast collection of beautiful wood parquet floorings definitely a reason you should check our offer.

For more information on how to lay parquet flooring, different wood species and quality, feel free to contact us any time!

Dark laminate flooring in grey and brown colours for your home

Dark brown laminate flooringDark laminate flooring is suitable for traditional and contemporary homes. Rich dark colours create pleasant and welcoming feeling. Dark brown laminate flooring impresses with its depth and luxurious appearance, rustic look is very easy to create. Dark laminate flooring is suitable for small and big spaces with lots of light. Although it is mostly used for living rooms and bedrooms it also looks stunning in other rooms such as kitchen or hallway. It is great for combining with light coloured furniture and walls. Contrast between dark and light colours create very appealing look of a room. Dark laminate is also very easy to clean, it is less prone to show small scratches and other imperfections. It is also easier to install than light coloured laminate flooring.

Dark colours of laminate flooring are becoming very popular

We offer many different colours of laminate, from white to black. Laminate flooring can have very natural decor in light and dark brown colours to best imitate hardwood. Natural dark and light brown colours can have yellow, silver, red nuances which create more sophisticated look. With production technology that is available today, top layers of light and dark laminate flooring can look exactly like oak, walnut, cherry hardwood floors. Textures can also be very similar to real wood. Dark grey laminate flooring is becoming very popular among homeowners. Because grey colour is neutral it can be combined with light or dark furniture and other decorating features. It is very good for creating industrial appearance of your home. In our assortment you can also find dark and light multi-coloured laminate flooring. One plank contains many different colours from light to dark. This sort of laminate flooring colours create very playful and lively appearance.

Grey and brown dark colours of laminate flooring for traditional and modern look

Dark laminate flooring coloursMany colours of laminate flooring resemble natural colours of wood and stone. Therefore it is very hard to figure out if you have laminate flooring or hardwood and stone floors. Laminate flooring has many advantages comparing to hardwood floors. It is quicker and easier to install, it’s up keeping is simple and economical, it has many dark and light colours and textures to choose from and is suitable for underfloor heating. Comparing to natural stone, laminate flooring is much warmer to touch without underfloor heating, whole installing process is much cleaner and faster and furniture can be placed in a room right after it is installed. Some laminate flooring can withstand heavy loads and are suitable to be installed in public buildings.

Installing laminate flooring on concrete or wood with click system

Installing laminate flooring over wood subfloorInstalling laminate flooring is quick and simple process which does not require use of any special tools or special knowledge. Laminate flooring is especially suitable for quick renovations. There are many different installation systems for laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is installed without gluing, it is simply clicked in place. Click laminate flooring installation is very clean, it leaves behind almost no mess. There are two kinds of click installation systems: click in and click lock. With click in installation laminate planks are fitted one into another. Click lock system is very similar, the only difference is that click lock system is even quicker and more effective.

For concrete or wood subfloor use of rubber or foam underlayment is recommended

When laminate flooring is installed on concrete there are many factors that should be taken in account. First and probably most important factor is humidity of concrete surface. With newly built concrete floors, there is a period of time that has to be considered for concrete to appropriately dry. In case of big imperfections in concrete, they have to be levelled out before underlayment is installed. It is very advisable to install a vapour barrier between concrete and foam underlayment. That way the moisture of concrete won`t damage laminate flooring. Vapour barrier is also another temperature barrier which keeps cold air from concrete to influence laminate flooring. Concrete is very cold material so better and thicker barriers are installed between concrete and laminate, the warmer and cosier laminate flooring will be. Installing laminate flooring over wood subfloor is also possible. Best underlayment to put over wood subfloor is rubber or foam.

Install laminate flooring on concrete underlayment

Click system is used for installing laminate flooring on concrete surface

Laminate flooring can be used immediately after installation. Laminate flooring can be installed over concrete, wood or carpet subfloor or other surfaces. Installation of good quality underlayment is highly recommended. Installing underlayment is easy but it has to be done precise to avoid any tears. Laminate planks can have attached underlayment for easier and quicker installation of new flooring. Underlayment has many functions. It is a sound barrier, water barrier, temperature regulator, it evens out small underfloor imperfections and insures stability and natural contraction of laminate flooring. If laminate flooring is installed without underlayment, water and instability will soon damage it to a point where it will have to be replaced. Good quality underlayment is a good investment because it will prolong life span of your flooring.

Laminate flooring brands offer best products for professional results

Laminate flooring brands from our extensive sales program are suitable for clients with different demands. We represent top brands which offer the best ratio between quality and price. Laminate flooring from our assortment is appropriate for traditional houses and for high end modern villas as well. Different brands offer various collections for wide group of customers. Our suppliers of flooring brands are from all around the world. We carefully select our business partners to insure high quality products that we offer to our clients. Our best suppliers use advanced technology for production of highest quality products.

Laminate flooring brands Floor Experts

Best laminate flooring brands use high end production technologies

Best laminate flooring brand offer many colours and decors of their products. Because of innovative production techniques of top layers, they can have appearance which is identical to hardwood or natural stone. Even trained eye can`t spot the difference at first glance. There are also other decors which make floors stand out with its special appearance. Top layers of best laminate flooring can also have a variety of textures. Top brands offer the best quality and durability of their products with warranty which ensures long life span. Material that is used for laminate flooring tiles is carefully selected, production processes are strictly monitored and quality is inspected thoroughly. Laminate tiles are made with such precision that there are no visible seams between tiles if they are installed professionally and according to manufacturer instructions. Tight seams also protect laminate from dirt and water which could damage it and shorten its life span.

We offer laminate flooring from many top laminate flooring brands

Top best laminate flooring brandAmong many top laminate flooring brands we offer the best brand for water resistant laminate. Brand Aquastep is a pioneer of laminate flooring suitable for humid rooms such as kitchen or bathroom. It can be recycled so it is very ecological. Other best brands in our sales program are Krono Original, Cosmoflooritan and many more. Different brands have one thing in common and that is use of high quality materials and cutting edge production technologies. Difference between them is in developing various important features of laminate flooring. Some of features are installing system, attached underlayment, top layer patterns and textures to name a few. Best laminate flooring brands always strive to be one step ahead of their competition. Laminate flooring has changed drastically through the years and is now highly valued flooring option for traditional or contemporary homes and other facilities.

Types of laminate flooring that we sell are high quality

Our company offers many types of laminate flooring. You can choose between different types of colours, decors, width and length, thickness and abrasion classes. Choices are almost limitless. We source different types of laminate tiles from production companies all around the world. All types of laminate flooring tiles from our suppliers are technologically and ecologically advanced. Our selection of high quality flooring is suitable for all types of clients. In our sales program you will definitely find what you are looking for your home. All types of laminate flooring tiles are easy and quick to install, with today technology they have an appearance of real hardwood floors.

Types of laminate flooring thickness

Laminate flooring tiles in different colours give spaces different appearances

We offer many types of laminate tiles flooring in light, medium and dark colours. Light colours are recommended for use in smaller spaces which do not have enough light because this type of laminate flooring tiles brighten spaces and optically enlarges them. Dark coloured type of tiles are usually used in vast rooms which have plenty of light. They give the space elegant sophisticated appearance. Medium colours tiles are very versatile, they are suitable for all kinds of rooms and are easily combined with any type of furniture and other decorating elements. When it comes to décor of laminate tiles, you can choose between many types of wood patterns. Most common and popular type of décor is oak, but we have beautiful exotic decors too. We can also get different kind of looks by using flooring tiles in different sizes. Some types of tiles are quite small and some are really big. Small laminate tiles are mostly used in smaller rooms.

Laminate tiles flooring durability

Thickest laminate flooring is most durable and long lasting

Durability of laminate flooring depends on many factors. First and most important factor is thickness of whole tile and thickness of its top layer. Flooring tiles are arranged in different abrasion classes which determine their use. Some types of laminate flooring are suitable only for home use and some types can be used in public buildings like schools and museums. Thickness of different types of laminate flooring determines its use. Thickest laminate flooring is most durable. Floorings in our collection are from 7 – 12 mm thick. Thickest type of laminate flooring offer the best resilience and stability. Top layer of this type of laminate tiles is very resistant to any kind of abrasion. Life span of high quality laminate is very long so it is a good investment in your home.

Best underlay for laminate flooring is foam or cork

Best underlay for laminate flooring priceBest underlay for laminate flooring is foam because it is simple to install, it is a good sound barrier, and is very cost effective. Some best foams have attached additional layer which functions as the best moisture barrier. Best foam which can be attached to laminate also insures that floor is not so cold. Best underlay for laminate flooring which can be attached or unattached also allows natural contraction of planks which occurs when room temperature and humidity vary. If wrong unattached underlayment is installed, laminate flooring won`t be stable and won`t last as long as it should. This can be avoided if you buy laminate with underlayment attached. Choosing correct or best underlay for laminate floors is as important as choosing the best desired laminate flooring. There are many different underlays which can be attached to laminate flooring. Thicker attached underlays are the best, they offer best sound proofing and they usually serve as the best water barrier too. With newly built concrete floors it is best to measure how moist the floors are before installing laminate flooring with attached underlayment. Underfloor has to be dry enough, so the moisture doesn`t cause mould or deformation of laminate tiles later on.

Laminate flooring with attached underlayment is very simple to install

Laminate flooring with attached underlayment saves a lot of time with installation process. If underlayment is attached on laminate, you can concentrate more on precise installation and finished visual look. Attached underlayment is also time saving because you don`t have to look for and choose separate one that would be best for specific laminate flooring. Best attached underlay for concrete floors evens out smaller imperfections on concrete. If imperfections are too big, it is best to repair them because attached underlayment won’t even out the surface. The surface has to be levelled as much as possible so laminate is laid properly. If subfloor is full of imperfections, laminate with attached underlayment will not look good and won`t offer the best stability.

Laminate flooring with attached underlayment priceUnderlay for laminate flooring is suitable for concrete floors

Underlay for laminate flooring is the best and most effective sound barrier. It is most suitable for installation where moisture is a problem. It works best when it is installed over concrete or wood surface. It works as the best temperature insulation so laminate flooring is not so cold. Other underlayment that is commonly used is cork. It has great characteristics as sound, water and temperature barrier. It is most commonly used in buildings with many apartments.

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