A combination of vinyl and cork? This is HYDROCORK

Within the commitment to offer the most advanced and competitive products, our company strives to develop and add new products to our sales program, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. In recent years, our vinyl floor coverings have been very popular as they ensure comfortable and pleasant use in home. As an upgrade of the basic LVT floor coverings, this time we are proud to present a new product that combines the advantages of two materials. We are talking about the floor covering called “HYDROCORK”, which combines the best properties of vinyl and cork. Since its introduction and until today, the product has been constantly improved and since this summer its upgrade with an even better, innovative “Press fit” merger system has been available.
Since its introduction on the market in 2016, the product has become a sales hit. The essential advantages of Hydrocorka are as follows:

  1. 100% waterproof product
  2. Easy to install – press fit system (due to a cork stopper)
  3. Because of the base made from a mixture of cork and rubber, it combines all the benefits of cork in itself:
Talna obloga iz plute Wicanders silence Talna obloga iz plute Wicanders thermal Talna obloga iz plute Wicanders welness Talna obloga iz plute Wicanders comfort
Silent floor coverings (walking noise reduced to up to 53% in comparison to the laminate flooring) Warm floor coverings (energy-efficient floor coverings since the cork is a good heat insulator ensuring optimum room temperature throughout the year) More convenient floor coverings for walking upon (much more comfortable and pleasant floor coverings that takes care of the general well-being of your body) More general comfort (the ideal ratio between a very hard and too soft base)


100% waterproof flooring of cork and vinly | Floor Experts

A combination of vinyl and cork? This is waterproof HYDROCORK

For more information you are invited to visit our sales outlets, where they will advise you and answer all your questions. See our Hydrocork waterproof floorings offer on our website.


Floor Experts,

November 15 2017

Lifestyle Premium

For many only the best is good enough. If you also strive to perfection, there is only one flooring suitable for you – Lifestyle PREMIUM laminate flooring. It combines the best features of various laminate floorings and additionally upgrades them with remarkable dimensions and thickness. Due to its quality and wear resistance it is highly appropriate for residential areas and also for the most heavily used business premises.

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Parquet Four Seasons

The Floor Experts parquet flooring collection FOUR SEASONS has been created for the most demanding clients. With this collection we want to take into account all of your wishes. It is an exceptional selection of parquets that is completely treated only after we have discussed it with you. We use colours for two-layer, three-layer and even massive parquets according to your wishes, and the same goes for further treatments. Various combinations of treatments open almost unimagined possibilities to you. As our client you will have more than 2000 different parquets, made to order, at your disposal.

Cork Flooring Wicanders

Cork in nature..

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. It´s harvested by hand when the tree is 25 years old and occurs every 9 years from then on leaving the tree undamaged and able to regrow a new bark. Cork is ideal in terms of the ever increasing demand for conservation of natural resources. It has unique and incomparable qualities which no ingenious human has yet copied or improved. It´s made of 40 millions cells per cm3 resembling a honeycomb structure which protects the tree from sharp weather temperature changes. Each cell functions as a miniature natural thermal insulator and also provides above average sound insulation and shock absorbing properties.

Habits, values, way of life and beliefs affect the lifestyles of every individual

Lifestyle also has an amazing effect when it comes to forming and designing our interior.

Some wish to have it modern, some like it urban and some prefer classic or natural. Some want it bright, some want it dark and some prefer rustic or elegant. The more
people, the more desires.

Here, at Floor Experts, we believe that flooring represents the basic and, to most of the people, the integral element of every interior. It is therefore the reflection of our own lifestyle. We also believe that the first choice in flooring automatically matches
the rest of the elements required to form the interior.

This is precisely the reason why Floor Experts help you make the right choice, because their extensive range of flooring collections makes sure that everyone can find the kind of floor which is and will be the reflection of his or her lifestyle.

The Lifestyle laminate flooring collection is one of the exceptionally attractive, functional and fashionable flooring choices you can make, helping everybody to express their own personal lifestyle.

The only limitation is basically just your own imagination.

Our company once again won QUality meDAL Construction 2016/2017

Our company once again won the highest number of votes in one of the research categories included in the newest QUDAL – QUality meDAL Construction 2016/2017 survey, which was conducted in July 2016 in Slovenia.

Winning first place means that we beat the competition based on the votes of the Slovene consumers – experts in the field of construction as well as individuals belonging to the “DIY category”.

Slovene interior design experts and individuals who renovate or furnish their apartments on their own have one again awarded us with the status of No. 1, which only adds to our tradition of excellence.

The company Alpod received the highest number votes in the category of flooring retailers, offering the highest level of quality in Slovenia.

Cork flooring Wicanders

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Parquets Four Seasons

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