Engineered oak parquet flooring

Engineered oak parquet flooringEngineered oak parquet flooring – how is it different from solid oak parquet flooring?

Best prefinished engineered oak parquet flooring is a type of oak wood parquet that mimics solid oak parquet flooring in appearance, but not in structure. The composition of engineered oak parquet flooring differs heavily from that of solid oak parquet flooring. Solid oak parquet flooring is a natural oak wood parquet, made from a solid piece of wood, whereas engineered oak parquet flooring is a synthetic flooring, made to only have the oak parquet texture.



Engineered oak parquet flooring

Best prefinished engineered oak wood parquet flooring is made of at least three plywood-like layers. Only the base layer is wooden, whereas the top layer is printed to have the oak parquet texture. Engineered parquet has a similar appearance to oak parquet hardwood flooring, but there is a difference in the feel of the floor, as well as the installation. Engineered floors usually come prefinished. Best prefinished oak parquet flooring usually has to be sanded and varnished, as well as glued or nailed to the floor. But engineered parquet has a click-lock mechanism and is a prefinished oak wood parquet flooring, so installation is easyer and quicker. Prefinished solid wood parquet flooring that has been engineered also has a cheaper price than solid natural oak parquet.



Solid oak parquet flooringEngineered prefinished oak parquet flooring or solid oak parquet flooring?

If you’re looking for a budget friendly, practical, easy to install, resonably durable flooring that needs minimal upkeep, then you should choose engineered prefinished solid wood parquet flooring. If you prefer a natural material with a longer lifespan and larger value, you should spend a little bit more on solid parquet flooring that will last for generations.