Parquet flooring installation and the cost to install parquet flooring

Parquet flooring installation Floor ExpertsParquet flooring installation is a theme of many parquetry tutorials. While not being overall heavy, installing parquet flooring needs some skill to complete the task successfully. Parquet flooring installation though has one major advantage that should ease it up and reflect the end result as well – it is glued down to the subfloor with no hammering on or nailing. Traditional parquet flooring installs in similar way to tiles, which adds to its convenience. If you are experienced enough to install parquet flooring on your own, the cost to install parquet flooring may be smaller, but remember to calculate all the expenses including the parquet itself, hand tools, glue, laquer and brushes, plastic sheets and even sanding paper and duck tape.

How to reduce the unnecessary costs of parquet flooring installation?

You should first of all make sure that the surface of the subfloor has no greater deformation, as parquet flooring installation requires a surface that is well-leveled. Otherwise, leveling procedure of previously inadequate subfloor can greatly raise the cost to install parquet flooring. Understandably, the desired pattern of the parquet affects how parquet flooring is installed – the more complex the pattern, you`ll have bigger cost to install parquet flooring. The choice of solid wood parquet flooring is not less important, as exotic woods and their installment always tend to cost more.

Cost to install parquet flooring Floor ExpertsHow parquet flooring installation usually functions – a quick guide

First step is to determine the type of your subfloor. Parquet works both on concrete and wood, but any additional flooring such as vinyl must be removed. To prepare the floor for parquet flooring installation, you have to add premixed floor leveller, which should level it automatically. Next is the gluing down of blocks and sanding of the wood down the grain – this needs a light touch and great care, best to be left to experts. The same goes for brush laquer finishing, though it can be avoided with engineered wood, as its pre-sanded and pre-finshed editions save you that extra cost to install parquet flooring.

Parquet flooring paradise for different types of parquet flooring

Parquet flooring polishingParquet flooring of today unifies almost entirely different types of parquet flooring. It used to be associated with solid oak or pine parquet flooring exclusively, but now you can choose from different types of parquet flooring both in structure and appearance. Engineered oak parquet flooring was introduced some decades ago as affordable-yet-reliable flooring, and it remains to be the most popular parquet flooring choice. Recent explosion of exotic parquet flooring supply enabled far more options, although it didn`t “conquer” traditional parquet flooring in any sense. We offer all possible traditional, modern and exotic parquet types, guaranteeing customer satisfaction depending on your specific needs.

What do you get in exotic, different types of parquet flooring

Having different types of parquet flooring means different characteristics, which are appropriate for some situations, while in others they may not work at all. Natural oak parquet flooring has great isolating properties, and if painted in high-gloss finish it is incomparable in shining beauty. On the other hand, it will respond to water badly unless otherwise protected. The same goes for pine wood, normally very durable in classic indoor use. Places exposed to moisture is where parquet bamboo flooring and teak wood parquet work more adequately, which is why they are popular choice for bathroom installment in East Asia.

Different types of parquet flooring bambooHow to take care of parquet flooring to make the most of it?

You would naturally want yourue parqt to reach its predicted life span, so the most important thing here is to learn how to take care of parquet flooring. Although different types of parquet flooring require different treatment too, there are some basic rules for parquet flooring maintaining. Most softwood and hardwood materials require periodical refinishing and rearranging of the planks for tight flooring stability. Sanding has to be approached with great care – it is a delicate job which is best to be left to professionals. Parquet flooring polishing will help to maintain its original appearance, and it will also strengthen it against deterioration.

Kitchen parquet flooring?

Kitchen parquet flooring may seem as a paradox to some, as hardwood isn`t the most reliable choice when paired with cooking and washing. Traditional parquet flooring was always avoided in places where it could come in contact with water. However, kitchen parquet flooring is a valid option, which has benefits that should not be miscounted. Hardwood is natural and comfortable flooring material, which will make your stay in the kitchen more enjoyable. This way you can have less visual difference between the rooms and the kitchen; parquet flooring patterns, though, can also be used to separate the kitchen visually from the rest of your place.

Kitchen parquet flooring price

How should the painting of the parquet flooring in kitchens be done?

When deciding on the type of parquet flooring for bedrooms and living rooms, the choice is usually a matter of esthetics. Kitchen is a completely different story: distressed and raw materials are not recommended, and painting of the parquet flooring must be thoroughly done. It is best to apply finish in multiple coats, which helps kitchen parquet flooring to be more resistant to water spills. Painting the parquet flooring should prevent any moisture penetration. There is one major drawback in this area – refinishing is expensive and fairly complicated job, which requires well-equipped and experienced team.


What to take care of when you decide for kitchen parquet flooring?

Sheer painting of the parquet flooring won`t secure it from drain malfunctions and flooding. In such situations it is almost impossible to restore parquet flooring in its original condition, so make sure to prevent them with decent plumbing and safe utensils. Dust, sweep and vacuum the space as often as you can – regular maintenance is a key to successful kitchen parquet flooring application. Repeat painting of the parquet flooring with protective layer twice a year or more if necessary. Check out hevea parquet flooring tiles, which are reasonably thick, pre-finished and therefore one of the best kitchen parquet options available.

Painting kitchen parquet flooring

Flooring parquet pros – what are the advantages of parquet flooring

Flooring parquet advantagesFlooring parquet is with no doubt the best solution if you search for lifelong value and durability in your floors. Its solid hardwood materials have enough strength to handle intensive use; even after years of walking of your enamored parquet, with proper care it won`t affect its looks and feel. However, flooring parquet isn`t renowned only for its endurance, there are advantages of parquet flooring design-wise too. Since it’s completely solid, it enables a virtually endless choice of woods of all types and colors. Because of the smaller thickness of parquet flooring comparable to solid hardwood floorboards, you can expect greater range of possible patterns – you just have to know to how to cut parquet flooring blocks for the desired effect.

How to make parquet flooring completely different from the standard

You`re probably familiar with standard parquet flooring designs; flooring parquet are most frequently arranged either in brick pattern or in herringbone pattern parquet flooring. Herringbone can come in couple of variations itself, like single, double or diagonal pattern type. However, more unusual parquet flooring ideas can be found in non-standard flooring parquet patterns, such as hexagon or chevron, just to name a few. Knowing how to install parquet flooring is of even greater value when going for more complex pattern, and certain knowledge of parquetry is also recommended.

Thickness of parquet flooring Floor ExpertsWhat else is recommended for a non-conventional flooring parquet

Apart from knowing how to make parquet flooring pattern more interesting, there are other ways of changing its appearance completely. One of that non-conventional but still traditional methods of enhancing the looks of a parquet is marquetry, which is otherwise better known in furnishing. It contains of veneering of the flooring parquet blocks, which results in a figural pattern effect. Various materials can be applied, especially since digital technology was introduced in the process. Of course, it requires more attention in how to take care of the parquet flooring, so that the image doesn`t fade or vanish.

The real difference between parquet and solid hardwood flooring

Difference between parquet and hardwood flooring Floor ExpertsDifference between parquet and hardwood flooring is a result of the way the wood is processed when wooden flooring is made. First of all, we should explain what parquet wood flooring is and what types of parquet wood flooring are available on the market. Wood flooring parquet is a popular, widely acclaimed flooring option – it is being manufactured out of thin wood pieces, which can vary in characteristics. Wood flooring parquet choices are virtually endless, but it all comes down to the difference between parquet and solid hardwood flooring. While hardwood means thick wooden blocks carved out of the tree, parquet is a much more sophisticated option. Having that said the difference between parquet and hardwood flooring is usually explained in terms of lustrous vs. robust looks.

So should I choose wood flooring parquet instead of hardwood?

What is wood flooring parquetThe difference between parquet and hardwood flooring is somewhat accentuated in favor of the parquet. It is a traditional, easy to install and well tried-out flooring option, and it is also known for its long lifespan and natural beauty. While genuine wood flooring parquet certainly has some advantages, it may not always be the best possible option. For instance, hardwood is more affordable but denser in structure. The difference between parquet and hardwood flooring in quality is almost inexistent, as both parquet and hardwood can last up to couple or more decades. Not only that – you can get interesting hardwood flooring parquet appearances at medium prices. The difference between parquet and hardwood flooring is also visible in required treating, as caring for parquet wood flooring takes a bit more effort. To keep its shine as long as possible, every once in a while you`ll have to polish your parquet wood flooring, while with distressed hardwood flooring it won`t be necessary.

Dark parquet flooring materials range from oak to mahogany hardwood

Dark parquet flooring materialDark parquet flooring can mean a huge range of hardwood materials. It can owe its dark appearance to the more exotic wood types, but it can also stand for solid oak parquet flooring of darker shade, finished in multiple layers for greater depth of color. Rustic parquet flooring is widely known for its warmth, decorating many cottages and countryside houses. It is a traditional parquet flooring, which shows exceptional characteristics, especially in terms of durability, lifespan and isolating properties. Besides oak, most common rustic parquet flooring materials are walnut, which gives a shady, dark parquet flooring looks, and pitch pine, which is naturally brighter, but produces an appealing dark yellow tone once finished.

What is pitch pine rustic parquet flooring most commonly used for?

While many types of dark parquet flooring show good durability, pine rustic parquet flooring is ideal when you need a robust flooring material. Usually delivered in long parquet blocks, it is particularly suitable for stage-like flooring. Pine parquet will work perfectly for a renovated warehouse or traditionally constructed countryside house, greatly enhancing the overall rustic ambience. It will require though a bit more attention in preparing the blocks for laying.

Rustic parquet flooring Floor ExpertsWhat dark parquet flooring can we recommend from our own supply?

We have a vast selection of quality dark parquet floorings, which include everything from oak to ebony. Jatoba and ash flooring produce a warm and rich dark-red, and will immediately give your floors more character. If you are a fan of slightly worn-out look, distressed oak parquet is a good example of aged rustic parquet flooring appearance, which is even easier to achieve with engineered flooring. Thick lacquer applied on the top of dark oak hardwood parquet can further add shade, resulting in an elegant, glowing chocolate brown color.

Click lock laminate flooring installation that will not disappoint

Click laminate flooring provides easy, smooth installation that doesn`t require a handbag full of wrenches and screws. But is it always so? Maybe you`ve heard or convinced yourself that click laminate flooring installation can go wrong. Even though installation manual was followed closely, easy click laminate flooring installation didn`t work out as promised. Indeed, a lesser click laminate flooring can show problems in the area of joining mechanisms. The quality of the mechanism will with no doubt affect the ease of laminate flooring installation. Even the grade of planks can result in installation problems, which means that with the upper range of click laminate flooring you can have more confidence in the installation process.

Click laminate flooring installation

What are the benefits of our modern click-together laminate flooring?

Higher-end click-together laminate flooring is designed for keeping the laminate flooring more tightly pressured. This means that not only do you get more effective click laminate flooring installation, but also that the flooring will remain longer in its original condition. With planks being interlocked, you can expect fewer, if any, separation on your desired click laminate flooring. Only a small pressure is required for planks to click in, which will be enough to walk on it for years to come. Our quick click laminate flooring models guarantee a record-time installation, after which you are enabled to use the flooring immediately.

Easy click together laminate flooring

What are the basic principles of click laminate flooring installation?

With our easy-to-fit click laminate flooring, the end result should be just fine if you decide to install it on your own. You will need to follow some basic principles, though. The ambience should be moisture-free when you decide to start the fitting. It is important to precisely calculate the width of the rows so you know whether some trimming will be necessary. You can choose between two options when installing click laminate flooring with lock mechanisms: you can angle the long side and then click on the shorter side, or you can angle both sides at once.

Buy parquet wood flooring which is proven in favorable characteristics

Buy parquet wood flooring which is proven in favorable characteristics

How to treat parquet flooring Floor ExpertsBuying a parquet flooring is a good decision itself, especially if you seek a permanent flooring solution, which will hold well for generations. Still, there are different types of parquet flooring in appearance, characteristics and even in how to treat parquet flooring you choose. So, which one to buy? Parquet flooring can be applied for different purposes depending on the type, but the quality of the wooden material is a general criteria in selection of the parquet flooring. This goes for both solid parquet wood flooring and engineered wood parquet, which should get you warm, cozy and durable floors.

How to treat parquet flooring adequately for maximum durability

To expect full lifespan of your parquet, you must know how to treat parquet flooring adequately. Buying a parquet flooring that is fully solid generally means that the treating will have to be more thorough. Even if you like the worn-out parquet looks, it is necessary to prevent the deterioration. This is how to treat parquet flooring; first of all, buy a parquet flooring polish. Gentle polishing of the surface will both impregnate it and protect the finish.

Where can I buy parquet flooring which is modern and unconventional?

If you search for something different, you`re at the right place. We have a great supply of various parquet flooring types, leaving you to buy parquet flooring you like the looks and tBuy best parquet flooringhe feel of. If you`re into industrial parquet flooring, we can recommend buying a grey engineered oak parquet flooring, which perfectly fits minimalistic and industrially designed spaces. We also include in our range jatoba, ebony and similar dark wood, with both oiled and distressed appearances. There is no real difference in how to treat these parquet flooring types, except distressed parquet is a bit less demanding.

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