“I’m an unique individual, with an unique personality. A leader, not a follower. My home reflects this. I insist on surrounding myself with fabrics and furnishings that reflect my personal taste and my attitude towards life. Flooring is crucial. It sets the tone as soon as you enter the room. I choose Krono Original® flooring. It has style, is easy to lay and it is perfectly simple to take care for it. It ticks all of my boxes.”

“I want to bring the enchantment of untouched landscapes and secret cultures
inside my own four walls. Krono Original® indulges my exotic taste with an everexpanding choice of floorings, from Colonial African to Zen through to Country or Oriental style.”
Krono Original® laminate floorings have many faces: You can put together various styles using different colours and decors completely to your taste.

Kronoflooring laminate flooring is a joy to live with. Our stylish portfolio of surface textures is created for longlasting comfort. Above all, Kronoflooring floors are beautifully simple to keep clean, just a quick wipe whisks away all allergy-causing dirt and dust.

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