Leather as a flooring has been used by mankind for a long time. However, its form has changed. Our leather flooring is made to measure for the modern user. It is created from recycled and ground remnants of true leather (using remnants from the manufacture of shoes, belts, handbags), complemented with natural latex, natural oils and natural colours. All the leather that is used is manufactured without the use of harmful chrome. The final product is very firm due to a cross binding of the fibres – the so called »real bonded leather«.

Leather floor is available in two versions:
In panels in the dimensions of 915x305x10,5 mm (2,5 mm layer of leather on a 6,8 mm HDF carrier plate; bottom isolation layer 1,2 mm cork). This product is intended for floating installation, which is easy and quick due to the click system of connection. The surface already has a lacquer finish.
In panels in the dimensions of 915×305, thickness 2,5 mm or 6 mm. This product is glued onto the surface. The surface already has a lacquer finish.

Wear class W31. For the more exposed areas, leather in all versions may be lacquered with a special lacquer layer; so called HOT COATING lacquer, which adds durability to the surface – which means it moves from the class W31 to the class W32.

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