Linoleum (the word originates from a combination of the words for linen and oil) is a flooring with a tradition of more than a century. In its production, natural renewable raw materials are used, such as: linen oil, ground cork, wood, limestone remnants, resins and natural colour pigments, which also gives the linoleum a status of an exceptional flooring from an ecological perspective. It is an anti – allergic, antistatic and antibacterial flooring of exceptional durability and is simple to maintain.

Linoleum flooring is available in two versions:
In panels in the dimensions of 915x305x10 mm (2 mm linoleum layer on a 6,8 mm HDF carrier plate; bottom isolation layer 1,2 mm cork). This linoleum is intended for floating installation, which is easy and quick due to the click system of connection.
In rolls with a thickness of 2 mm. This linoleum is glued onto the surface.

Wear class W32.

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