Properly selected natural wood flooring undoubtedly enriches every room and positively affects living in it. The wood has been shaped by nature through time and space, so every piece of wood flooring differs from another, ensuring uniqueness and characteristics, which cannot be replicated. Wood flooring has its own character and therefore attracts attention while being warm and solid. The ATELIER collection consists of a classic 3-strip DESIGN and smooth 1-strip ELEGANT parquet boards, fully made of natural wood.

The parquet flooring is finished, lacquered or oiled. Its three layer structure ensures exceptional dimensional stability and the patented CLICK installation system enables quick dry installation and prevents installation errors. Upon request, the parquet can as well be glued to the floor. It can be used for new construction or quick flat renewal because it provides the possibility of floating installation or gluing. The parquet flooring is environmentally sound and harmless to health.

The selected parquet flooring in the ATELIER collection will delight those who wish natural and warm floor.

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